5 Cool Winter Birthday Party Ideas

A child’s birthday is always a special occasion. If your little love’s birthday falls on winter, there are plenty of wonderful ways to celebrate the joyous event. Without further ado, take the party indoors with these cool winter birthday party ideas:

1. Frozen-themed Birthday Party

Source: Cool Mom Picks

Disney’s “Frozen” is one of the most popular children’s movies in this generation. So nothing could possibly go wrong with a “Frozen”-themed birthday party. Decorate the house with plenty of snowflake ornaments and dress your little boy or girl in a cute character costume. Besides that, create a “Build Your Own Snowman” section using marshmallows, chocolate chips, and cinnamon sticks.

2. Ice Hockey Party

Source: http://bethkruse.blogspot.com

You don’t have to actually go to a ice hockey rink  for this cool sport-themed party. Set the food table with paper goods in the colors of your child’s favorite hockey team, with balloons and streamers to match. Also, prepare classic game foods such as hot dogs, popcorn, and fries for your guests.

3. Cute Penguin Party

Source: Giggles Galore

Penguins are just so, so, so adorable! They make the perfect mascot for winter, don’t you agree? Penguins also make great decorations for the party, food (i.e. cupcakes), and beverages. Besides that, have the kids play penguin-inspired games like Musical Iceberg or Save the Penguin! 

4. Winter Wonderland

Source: prettymyparty.com

Walk in a Winter Wonderland with your kids with this snowy party idea. Apart from decorating your house with lots of frosty ornaments (i.e. snowflakes and snowmen), make a hot chocolate bar to warm up your guests and teach the kids to make their own indoor snow.

5. Ice Skating Party

Source: Charming Touch Parties

Lace up your skates and celebrate!

Avoid all the slipping and falling with an indoor ice skating party. Create fun ice skating-inspired activities for the kids, such as Charming Touch Parties’ decorate-your-own paper skates. All you need is some colorful construction paper, pom-poms, buttons, ribbon, and glue.