7 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

While some women get pregnant without trying, others struggle to get a bun in the oven. If you’ve been trying to conceive one of your own for several months and haven’t been able to, don’t be discourage because there are several ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Without further ado, try these steps:

1. Sleep early

Studies show that women trying for a baby could drastically improve their chances of conceiving if they sleep for between seven and eight hours a night – especially if they’re undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatments. Moreover, experts believe the amount of sleep we have alters the levels of certain hormones.

2. Go gluten-free!

According to Health.com, a recent Columbia University study suggests that 6% of women with unexplained infertility have celiac disease. “They produce antibodies that may interfere with the development of the placenta,” says study author Peter Green, MD. These women went on a gluten-free diet and they were able to conceive within a year!

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3. Quit smoking 

It’s a known fact that smoking is bad for you. So if you’re and your partner smoke, stop. Men who smoke have lower sperm quality, whereas women smokers have an increased risk of infertility and are more likely to take longer to get pregnant. In fact, smoking affects each stage of the reproductive process. This includes egg and sperm maturation, hormone production, embryo transport, and the environment in the uterus. On top of that, it can also damage the DNA in both eggs and sperm!

4. Drink a glass of red wine once a week

A new study by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine found that women who have a single glass of red wine once a week could possibly increase their chances of getting pregnant. However, it’s important to note that this result goes against the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations for alcohol intake while trying to conceive. So be sure to consult your doctor before getting your favorite bottle of Merlot!

5. No sodas, please

Experts say that women who drink two or more servings of any type of soda a day have about a 16% lower fertility rate than women who don’t drink any. Yup, that means Coca-Cola and Pepsi are off-limits.

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6. Eat healthily 

There are many foods that could help boost your odds of getting pregnant. For instance, olive oil, salmon, soy, as well as brown rice. But be sure to avoid trans fats as it’s linked to higher risks of infertility, endometriosis, miscarriage and pre-eclampsia!

7. Get outside

A little fresh air goes a long way. Research shows that being outdoors lowers stress levels and boosts well-being. To boost your fertility, try spending some time in the park during lunch time or just read a book at your garden.

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