Unconventional Baby Firsts To Record In Baby Book

Forget the conventional firsts.

Of course, things like your baby’s first diaper change, first tooth, first laugh, and first time saying mama or dada are important. But that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to those milestones.

Source: The Baby Drawer

Here are some creative firsts that you’ll look back with fond memories:

1. The first time they curse.

Or something that resembles a curse – because y’know, babies like to imitate the people around them.

2. The first time they fall asleep right smack into their meal.

Because what’s cuter than having to clean up after them, right?

3. The first time they do something embarrassing in public.

Face it, you’d still probably think your baby is cute as hell.

4. The first time they do something that made you regret your life choices.

Yup, babies are adorable. But sometimes… sometimes, you just get so mad your regret everything.

5. The first time they steal food from you (or people around them).

Trust us, babies know how important food is.

6. The first time your baby regurgitates his/her food.

Relive the moment you have to see food being regurgitated out of your baby’s mouth for the first time.

7. The first time they get stuck on something.

Whip out your phones and record this because it is blackmail material for the future.

8. The first time your kid throws a tantrum. 

Remember this moment and use this to guilt-trip them when they’re grown up. (No, we’re kidding – guilt-tripping them isn’t a good parenting method.)