Things You Need To Know About Travelling With Your One Year Old Baby

When is the right age for your baby to travel? Will they tire you out? What to bring? How to transport them? We’re sure you have many questions you want answers to, especially if you’re a first-time mom. This is uncharted territory after all. What was once a carefree activity might turn into a chore if you’re not prepared.

Source: Babies Travel Lite

They’re actually old enough to travel as soon as they’re born.

But be sure that they have the necessary identification and is covered by travel insurance. However, do not subject your baby to long journeys if they have colic, or is tongue tied. Similarly, you do not want to inject additional stress on yourself too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or too tired, you might want to rethink travelling.

The ideal time to travel is around 3 months time, when you are already settled in as a mom. Your baby will no longer be as fragile too!

They are loads of ways to transport your baby.

If you’re flying, a front carrier or baby sling will be ideal. The sling also applies to trains and buses. Having your hands free means that you can search for important documents or money when needed.

A travel system with a car seat that fits on to the pushchair chassis can also work if you’re travelling by plane or car. But this takes up a lot of space, so it’d be difficult to move around if you do not have a car. A lightweight folding stroller can also be used. They require less space than travel systems and is easy to transport.

Pack sufficient supplies.

This depends on your baby’s needs, actually. But no matter what they require, be sure to pack a lot of it. Better to be safe than sorry, after all.

If your baby wakes up as soon as the sun hits, pack a travel blackout blind or blackout curtains. The baby monitor or night light can also be useful settling your baby back to sleep in an unfamiliar room.

Other necessities include nappies, diapers, bottles, formula milk, bibs, toys, and your breast pump.

Source: Baby Center.