Things You Need To Know About Tummy Time

As you are new into the parenting world, you might not realize that it’s also important for your little one to spend some time on his belly while wide awake. Babies spend so much time on their backs when they are sleeping. If your baby is always on his back, it might mean that his head, neck, and shoulder muscles aren’t getting enough exercise. Well, tummy time is the fix.

“Tummy time is when your infant lays on his (or) her stomach while supervised,” says Wendy Wallace, DO, a pediatrician at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network.

When your baby is on his belly, he has to look up, left, and right to see people and objects around him. By doing this, it allows him to strengthens his neck, shoulders, and trunk. Later on, these muscles development will let him sit up.

In addition to that, tummy time is also a brilliant way to bond with your baby and gives you time to play together.

Benefits of Tummy Time

Tummy time helps your baby learn how to push herself up, roll over, sit up and crawl. And it does not stop there. It also helps your little one to eventually stand.

According to Mother & Baby,  “It also helps improve your baby’s orientation skills as it gives her a different view of the world.” says Dr Rahal.

Tummy time can also help treat flat head syndrome as it takes the pressure off the back of her head and gives it a chance to round off.


According to Parents, start off tummy time with you baby to play with him on his tummy two to three times a day for about three to five minutes each session. As he gets stronger, gradually increase the length of time he spends on his stomach.

When you are playing with your child in this position, make sure he is on a low, solid surface. This is to ensure that he doesn’t risk rolling off of a couch or bed. Th best way is to put your little one on the floor on top of a blanket.

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