Problems That You’ll Face After Your Pregnancy & Tips To Relieve Them

Your worries are not over after your pregnancy.

There are a bunch of post-delivery problems that you might not be aware of, and it’s important for you to know how to handle it.

1. Perineal Pain

Located between the vagina and anus, the perineal pain can happen when you have an episiotomy or had your perineum tore during labor.

To relief the pain, try a sitz bath for a few minutes several times a day; use a squirt-bottle to rinse yourself with warm water after you urinate; ice the area; sit on a doughnut or horseshoe-shaped nursing pillow to take some pressure of the area; or soak cotton balls in witch hazel and place them down under.

2. Postpartum Depression (Baby Blues)

Sadness, tears, mood swings, and irritability in the first few weeks after your pregnancy is normal. However, more severe and long-lasting symptoms can be a sign that you have postpartum depression.

To minimise the chances of it happening to you, try to sleep as much as possible. Also accept offers of help and devote time to yourself every day. If all else fails, call your doctor for treatment immediately.

3. Cramping and Bleeding

This might happen when your uterus still contracts and shrinks even after delivery.

Don’t use tampons, as they can introduce infection; use sanitary pads instead. Breastfeeding is also a way to reduce bleeding. This is because nursing increases the production of oxytocin, which stimulates the uterus to contract. Another way is to try a heating pad and warm showers.

4. Hemorrhoids

The swollen blood vessels surrounding the rectum are the result of constipation during pregnancy and/or pushing during labor.

To relieve yourself, try sitz baths, ice packs, Preparation H or Tucks pads. Another more unconventional method is by placing a slice of raw potato on your bottom for 10 minutes several times daily.

Source: Fit Pregnancy.