30 Romantic French Baby Names For Girls

Bonjour, fellow readers! If you’re a romanticist at heart, you’d probably think that France is one of the most romantic countries in the world. There’s something affectionate and tender about French baby names, too.

Here’s a list of some of the prettiest French baby names for girls:

1. Chloé

Meaning: Green shoot.

2. Elise 

Meaning: Consecrated to God.

3. Fleur 

Meaning: Flower.

4. Estée/Estelle

Meaning: Star.

5. Giselle

Meaning: Pledge.

6. Juliette

Meaning: Youthful.

7. Clémentine

Meaning: The French feminine version of Clement, which means mild or merciful.

Source: Pinterest
8. Inès 

Meaning: A feminine given name related to Agnes, which means pure or holy.

9. Coralie

Meaning: As pure and beautiful as the coral.

10. Violette

Meaning: The color violet.

11. Liana

Meaning: Bond.

12. Madeleine

Meaning: The French variation of Magdalen,  which is well known as a name because of Saint Mary Magdalene.

13. Nadine

Meaning: Hope.

14. Odette

Meaning: Wealthy.

15. Véronique

Meaning: Honest.

Source: Pinterest
16. Nicoline

Meaning: People’s triumphant.

17. Chanel 

Meaning: Narrow as a pipe.

18. Shantel

Meaning: Like a stone.

19. Aurelie

Meaning: Golden.

20. Celeste 

Meaning: Angel.

21. Genevieve

Meaning: White wave.

22. Nicholette

Meaning: Victorious.

23. Pippi

Meaning: Rosy cheeked.

Source: beyondthewanderlust.com
24. Kristabel

Meaning: Christian.

25. Janelle/Janine

Meaning: God is gracious.

26. Chantrice

Meaning: Singer.

27. Antoinette

Meaning: Priceless.

28. Cantrelle

Meaning: Song.

29. Cerise

Meaning: Cherry red.

30. Monique

Meaning: Solitary.