Ridiculous Myths About Pregnancy: True Or False?

We’ve coveredĀ common pregnancies myths and some about twin pregnancies. This time round, we’ll be touching on ridiculous myths – which might be true or untrue.

1. Your belly is an indication of your unborn baby’s sex.

Source: The Guardian Nigeria

If you are carrying your baby wide, you’re having a girl; if you’re carrying them low, then a boy. Nope, the way you are carrying your baby has nothing to do with their sex. It is just how your body is and how your baby positions themselves.

2. The severity of your morning sickness can reveal your baby’s sex.

Some say that if you’re morning sickness is really, really bad, it means that you’re going to have a girl. While this myth isn’t true, a research done in 2014 might be the basis for it. The study found that women who gave birth to baby girls are more likely to sought treatment for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, compared to those who delivered boys.

3. Avoid all the cats!

Source: Getty Images

Expectant mothers are told to avoid cats at all cost, as it could be a potential threat to you and your fetus. Well, you’re safe with cats, but it’s their litter box you have to avoid. Some cats carry Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that can cause birth defects, miscarriages, and death in people with weakened immune systems. The parasite will then be present in their droppings, which will infect those who come into contact with them. A healthy person’s immune system can fight it, but an expectant mom is more vulnerable.

4. You shouldn’t wear heels when you’re pregnant.

This won’t hurt your unborn baby, but it could very well harm you. Not all women are affected by this, but your posture changes when you wear heels, and it’ll put more pressure on your back, knees, and ankle joints. You also run the risk of falling or tripping, as you’re more prone to dizziness during your pregnancy.

5. Exercising will strangle your baby.

Source: Ultimate Mom Pillows

Um…what? While some believe that mothers should rest and not do anything, there are some who discouraging pregnant mothers from exercising as it is believed that it will strangle the unborn baby. Nope, not a chance, impossible. Your motions won’t affect that space inside your uterus, so fret not.

5. Moving too fast can snap your baby’s neck.

This is similar to the one mentioned above. Some believe that if you sit down too fast, or make abrupt actions, your baby’s neck with go snap. Nope, not true at all. Like we said, your motions won’t affect the fetus.

6. If you’re sick, your baby is too.

The placenta actually protects your baby from most common sicknesses, like flu and coughs. But you should take more care of yourself anyway, as you are more prone to high fevers. While flu and coughs are typically nothing to worry about, fevers are another thing altogether as it can lead to birth defects. So stay hydrated and try not to get sick.

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