Realistic Resolutions For New Moms In The New Year

New year, new you. We make resolutions every single year, sometimes we fail to achieve them, but when we do, it’s cause for celebrations. As a mum, though, resolutions are another ballgame. It’s never about yourself anymore, because whatever you do, you’ll worry about baby. Many mum resolutions are baby-centric, but never forget to take care of yourself!

Source: Nurture Parenting

Here are some goals you should set for yourself – as an individual and as a first-time mom – in the new year:

1. Love yourself

We’ve repeated this a few times, but we’re going to say it again: you’re the most important person in your life. At this moment, it may feel like baby takes precedence. A life without baby is just dreadful to imagine. Sure, goodbye to sleepless nights and all worries, but at such a big cost, is it worth it? Nevertheless, don’t feel like you’re not allowed to give yourself a break. Whether it’s a day off or a week off, if it’s too tiring, reward yourself. This will help you rejuvenate too.

2. Trust your instinct

Despite all the common (and sometimes unsolicited) advice, one that you should heed is this: to trust your instinct. Believe it or not, you have motherly instinct ingrained in yourself. Those urges to protect your baby and keep them healthy? It will come naturally. You’ll find yourself caring for baby even without anyone to teach you. So trust those instincts, unless something abnormal happens – then consult a professional. Which brings us to our next point…

3. Ask for help

Never be embarrassed to seek help, whether it’s mentally or physically. If you need someone to care for baby for a day, ask someone close to help. If baby acts abnormally, consult your GP. Don’t feel like you have to carry that burden by yourself, there are plenty of people willing to help if you just ask.

4. Eat a healthy diet

Don’t let excuses stop you from having a healthy diet. Caring for baby can be extremely tiring, and who has time to prepare a balanced meal, right? Ensuring that baby gets all the nutrient and care they need will already bush you out. If you don’t have the time to cook for yourself, get your husband to do it or get someone to cater meals. There are plenty of home delivery out there. You’ll figure something out.

5. Enjoy every moment

Now, this is an important one. Don’t let the bad moments overshadow the joy you feel from baby. Appreciate every stage because you’ll never be a first-time mom again. The memories and happiness will stay with you for life.