These Rainbow Baby Photos Are Bound To Make Your Heart Melt

For the uninitiated, a “rainbow baby” refers a baby who is born soon after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, or infant loss. Why the use the term “rainbow”? That’s because a beautiful rainbow always comes after a storm, symbolizing hope and optimism.

To celebrate the sweet occasion, many parents took to social media to share precious photos of their rainbow babies. From rainbow-themed backdrops to touching candid shots, check out these inspirational photos (and stories) below:

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“One year after experiencing our loss there I was holding the most precious gift of all, our fearfully and wonderfully made rainbow baby, Audrey Joy.”Lila

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“This is Page’s rainbow baby. We didn’t plan the shoot based off of her being pregnant or baby Clarke, but it has turned into a positive way to really show how tough of a mom Page is, and I am happy for that!” Heather of Inspired by a True Story Photography

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“I could not believe I was allowed to hold something so perfect. And I was overwhelmed with thanksgiving for finally getting to be a father.”Hunter

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To honor the child that they lost as well as the two rainbow baby boys they welcomed within in a year, one via adoption and one via birth, the Haggerton family took this gorgeous photo with photographer Natasha of Birth Unscripted.

“When we did his newborn session we wanted to do something that would tie the three boys together. So we did a rainbow with the two rainbow babies and a butterfly above them to represent their brother that was born the year before.”Natasha

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Missouri-based photographer Alex Bolen brought together six women who experienced pregnancy or infant loss to create this powerful image of hope.

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“The rainbow comes from heaven to earth — red by heaven, violet by earth — to show God’s faithfulness.” photographer Jen Priester