Is It Normal To Have My Period When I’m Pregnant?

To answer the question, it is actually impossible to have your period when you’re pregnant.

However, it’s not uncommon to experience bleeding during early pregnancy, says Dr Raelia Lew from Women’s Health Melbourne. It affects one in 4 women, and the amount of blood and length of bleeding depends on each women. If you bleed around the same time when you usually get your period, it is easy to mistake it for that time of the month.

Source: TheFitPregnancy

Here are some reasons you bleed during your pregnancy:

1. Implantation bleeding

One of the possible causes is implantation bleeding, which might be caused by the fertilised egg burrowing into the blood-rich lining of the uterus. Spotting can also appear after a Pap smear, vaginal exam, or sex, because more blood goes to your cervix during pregnancy.

2. Infection

Vaginal infections, such as yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, could be the cause of your bleeding. Other possible causes include sexually transmitted infections like trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, or herpes. These conditions cause your cervix to become irritated or inflamed and vulnerable to bleeding.

3. Miscarriage

If you’re spotting or bleeding in the first trimester, you could possibly be having a miscarriage. Even if it isn’t accompanied by abdominal pain or cramp, it is advised that you see your doctor, just to be safe.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

This is when an embryo implants outside the uterus, usually in one of the fallopian tubes. Other symptoms include abdominal, pelvic, or shoulder pain. It can be life-threatening, so seek your doctor’s advice immediately.

Source: Essential Baby, Baby Center.