Goals New Dads Should Aim For In The New Year

Has the year been tough on you? Being a dad (or soon-to-be dad) can be unfamiliar and if we’re being honest, a little intimidating. You could be doing all the right things but one wrong will make you feel like you’re not being the dad (and husband) you’re supposed to be. Don’t let that drag you down. Aim to be a better dad in the new year. Set some goals.

Source: Parents Magazine

Here are some simple changes you can make:

1. Be more affectionate

Be more affectionate, both to your baby and wife. Go for more hugs and kisses instead of just a verbal bye. Cuddle baby and even mom to sleep, show your appreciation.

2. Bond with baby!

Many dads feel left-out because of the mom-baby bonding, but if you don’t take the initiative to bond with baby, nothing will change. Click here for some bonding ideas.

3. Stop yelling

We mean it. No matter if you’re frustrated or angry, yelling only serves to aggravate the problem. It’ll end up in arguments, so keep your tone down even if you’re really annoyed.

4. Eat healthily

And make sure your family eats healthily with you too. If you can’t cook, learn how to. If you’re too tired to cook, order from a regular delivery service.

5. Be more empathetic 

You’re not the only tired one. Everyone is. First step is to stop yelling and stop venting your frustrations on others, second step is to try to put yourself in their shoes.

6. Be the person you want your baby to be

Rather than a new year goal, this is a long-term one. Aspire to be the person you want your kid(s) to be. Kids pick up habits all the time, and you don’t want them to pick up the bad ones.