Why Music Is Important When You Are In Labor

Music is an essential part of life. You can use it to calm yourself or soothe your baby, and some mothers even swear that having their unborn baby listen to music resulted in an intelligent one.

Did you know that music can also be used as a sort of pain relief during labor and birth? It is often overlooked as a coping strategy, but now that you know better, get your playlist ready!

Source: By Health

So how does listening to music during labor help you?

1. It can lower the perception of pain and help to regulate your heart rate and breathing, which then will reduce the amount of painkillers needed.

2. It can reduce your anxiety and help you feel calm and in control.

3. It will bring you into a good mood, and what better way to welcome your baby to this world?

4. You can ask your partner to play music during this crucial time. This gives them something to do which they can take charge of.

5. It also helps your partner focus on your mood and give control in an unfamiliar environment.

6. Familiar music will also make you feel like you’re home.

7. It also blocks out unwanted and distracting sounds.

Of course, the music you listen to also depends on your mood and the stage of your labor. In early labor, quicker and upbeat music is suitable as it keeps the mood fun and distracting. However, in the later stages, you might want to consider something slower and repetitive to help you relax.

Source: Made For Mums.