5 Things New Moms Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing

With a baby comes countless of unsolicited advice from people who are close to you and, well, acquaintances too. Suddenly everyone has good advice for you and it’s really understandable if you reach a point where you just want it to stop. We know you appreciate all the well-meaning help, but too much of good things can have the reverse affect.

Source: @lauraiz

If you’re a new mom, we’re sure you’ve heard these – and are sick of it:

1. Have you tried [inserts something generic or absurd]?

Thank you for the recommendation, but really, we’ve tried everything. And if we haven’t tried it, there’s a reason. We just wish everyone would just stop piling their suggestions on us ‘cos it gets exhausting after some time. Imagine having to explain yourself every single time.

2. It will get better soon.

People usually mean well when they say it, but it doesn’t stop that from being grating to the ears. When will it get better? When will I stop being tired? We’re sure questions like these have crossed your mind. Answer is, it won’t – but you’ll get used to it.

3. Can we come over?

We know how adorable our baby is, we know how cuddly they are. We want to share the joy, but sometimes it’s just too tiring. If we say that our home is too messy, its cue for “I don’t want you to be there”, but in a polite way.

4. Get some sleep when your baby is sleeping.

What, and leave these dirty dishes or laundry there? Will it magically clean itself? Our guess is no. And since babies have weird sleep schedules, you can’t expect mom to sleep for intervals of 10 minutes? Not to mention, babies take like 2 seconds to fall asleep, but for adults… well, let’s just say it’s not that easy.

5. When are you going back to work?

Honest answer: We don’t know. So leave us alone and stop asking questions that will make us doubt ourselves.¬†And when you do actually get back to work, you get people who will ask you, “Don’t you miss your baby?” Newsflash, bills need to be paid yo.