Here’s Why You Should Listen To Music When You’re Pregnant

While it is scientifically difficult to determine that listening to music while you’re pregnant can help your baby’s upbringing, many positive anecdotes from mothers have seemed to support the practice.

Listening to music can be healing to most of us, and can help us calm down, relax, and de-stress, so there are almost no negative aspects to it.

Source: Pregnancy for Singaporeans

Here are some proposed benefits of listening music while you are pregnant:

1. Some studies carried out on pregnant women found that unborn babies who were exposed to music showed a significant improvement in their overall mental, cognizant, behavioural, sensory, psychological, and emotion development; compared to babies who were not exposed to any music.

2. Another study was carried out to check the effects of Indian classical music. In this research, women who were asked to listen to music for at least 20 minutes each day for 20 days saw changes in the unborn baby’s responses and other development parameters. The unborn baby’s reflexes, responses, movement, and mental stimulation were improved.

3. Music has a calming effect on the pregnant mother. Listening to music will soothe you, and has an uplifting effect. This positive vibes will then help create a prenatal stimulation that will help you bond with your unborn baby. It will lower your stress and anxiety levels and reduce any stress your unborn baby may feel in the womb.

4. It is also believed that listening to music will improve your unborn baby’s auditory senses. Listening to music with headphones will reportedly enhance your unborn baby’s concentration, auditory senses, and skills. This is because the baby will try to concentrate on sounds (or more specifically, the vibrations from sound waves), and doing so will help in mental stimulation.

5. Some researchers also believe that your unborn baby will be able to remember the music he or she heard while in the womb. If you listen to soothing music, there is a chance that they will remember it. This means that you can use the same music to lull them to sleep as they will recognise the sounds.

We understand that you might be worried that the music won’t carry over to the fetus, but do not crank up the volume. Amniotic fluid is actually a good conductor of sound, so there’s no need to turn up the sound.

Aside from being annoying, your unborn baby could run the risk or being born prematurely, have lower birth weights, and suffer from some higher frequency hearing loss at birth.

Feel free to put your headphones on your growing tummy, but whatever you do, keep the volume down!

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