3 Items That Will Help You Handle Your Newborn Twins

So you’ve got twins on the way.

Now you’re panicking because newborn twins means double the spending, right? It also means that it would be more difficult to pick up items for your babies, right? Not really. There are in fact many items out there that are useful for your precious twins, and we will be going through them with you.

1. Double Stroller

As previously mentioned in our lightweight strollers article, double strollers are a thing that exists. Double strollers are convenient for parents of twins as they can fit both your baby in there! Most double strollers are also lighter compared to if you had to carry around 2 strollers.

2. Twin Nursing Pillow

Source: Things for Twins

This is the perfect thing for your newborn twins. With this, you can easily feed your baby at once (whether you’re bottle-feeding or breastfeeding). It can also be used as a prop for photo-time!

3. Twin Carrier

Source: Twins & More

This is for the times when you need to carry both your baby. No more aching arms (although you might end up with sore shoulders) and you’re free to multitask all you want!