High Chair Review: Nomi by Evomove

Nomi by evomore high chair

Web: Evomove. com

Designed in Norwegian, the Nomi   by Evomore (

$459. 95 ) is the latest in multi-function high chairs from Europe which are sold as part high chair, part objet d’art. The Nomi is a next-generation Stokke Tripp Trapp (not remarkably, since they are both designed by the same Norwegian industrial designer). Like the Tripp Trapp, the Nomi is designed to morph through use as a baby high seat to booster seat to older kid chair, all with the fashion of Scandinavian design (versus the plastic bourgeoise aesthetic of Graco).

The twist here is the Nomi Baby Accessory , which turns the Nomi into a bouncer for chilling instead of eating. Naturally, that’s an extra 

$189. 95 on top of the Nomi’s $380 base price.

Nomi Baby Accessory

Want a tray ? That’s an extra

$59. 95 .

Nomi high chair tray accessory

A as well as seat cushion ? Another

$59. 95 , please.

Nomi high chair cushions

So if you are playing along with our home game version, that is nearly $700. For a high chair.

Since the Nomi by Evomore high chair was still relatively new as of press time, there is little reader feedback. Yes, it really is pretty, but we don’t have a lot in the way of long-term feedback on strength and overall quality.

We know we have a subset of readers who love design and so are willing to shell out big bucks for a specific baby aesthetic. The Nomi is usually clearly for you. For everyone else, all of us can’t find a way to justify a $700 price tag.

Rating: Not yet.

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