4 Healthy Snacks Alternatives That Your Toddler Will Love

There are loads of snacks for your child out there – but not all of them are healthy.

Here are some alternatives that your kids will love, and is easy to prepare as well:

1. Smoothies

Source: Tesco Baby Club

To make a healthy alternative, opt for nonfat vanilla yoghurt. You can add any fruits you want – whether its orange, banana, or something else altogether. It’s also a great way to sneak in some servings of fruits or vegetables that your kids hate.

2. Strawberries

Source: 1Zoom

These vitamin C-packed strawberries are perfect to add to your baby’s diet. Just remember to wash them before you give ’em to your kids!

3. Yoghurt pops

Source: Healthy Kids

Instead of the conventional ice pops made with juice, try something different by using yoghurt. You can add berries, bananas, or any fruit that you want to it too!

4. Cheese

Source: Midwest Dairy

This high protein snack will keep your child’s energy levels high until its time for their next meal. To tempt them, you could pair it with apple slices or carrot sticks (or any vegetables or fruits to your child’s liking). Although it provides your child with calcium, do not add it to every meal or snack as it could have adverse effects.

Sources: Parents, Food Network.