Things You Should Know Before Buying Clothes For Your Baby

Yes, baby clothes are adorable – so much so that we could buy out a whole shop if we could afford it. But other than the issue of money, buying too many clothes (or the wrong ones) could result in many unwanted issues – such as taking up too much space or having unworn clothes.

So we’ve come up with a guide to help you before you splurge on baby clothing:

1. Buy unisex clothing! This is because babies outgrow their clothes really fast, so you can still keep ’em for your next child.

2. Don’t buy too many clothing. Instead buy a few in smaller sizes and stock up once your baby has arrived in this world and you know their size.

3. If you’ve splurged on baby clothing, don’t fret. Just remember to not remove the tags or wash them as you can always opt for a return if it isn’t in the right size.

4. Buy clothes with press studs or zips. This is a lot more easier to handle than buttons and will help a lot when you’re sleep-deprived.

Source: Fashion Wirst

5. Look for clothes with front-openings. Babies move a lot, which makes it difficult for clothes to be pulled over their heads. Find clothes that is easy to put on even when your baby is lying down.

6. Buy clothes that are made of cotton (or other natural fibres). You don’t know what’ll irritate your baby’s skin, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to be up the whole night just because your baby has a skin irritation.

7. Don’t buy clothing that are too tight or small as a newborn’s healing umbilical cord will get in the way of a waistband.

8. Buy singlet suits for your baby. This could stop them from taking off their nappies and save you a lot of work.

9. Lastly, accept the hand-me-downs! As long as they’re in good condition, there’s no reason to say no to them. You could also pass on your baby clothes to someone else when your baby outgrows them.