Go Trick-Or-Treating With These Cool Family Costumes This Halloween!

Halloween (also known as Allhalloween or All Saints’ Eve) is just around the corner and that means it’s time for adorable family costumes and trick-or-treating!

Being a part of your baby’s costume is a fun and creative to spend the spooktacular holiday – even though your little one probably will not understand what all the commotion is about. But remember, one is never too young (or too old) to celebrate Halloween.

If you have no idea what to dress ’em up as, allow us to give you some inspiration:

1. Darth Vader & Princess Leia

Source: Daily Mail

“Princess Leia, I am your father!”

This surely is every “Star Wars” fan’s dream combination. What can go wrong trick-or-treating as Darth Vader?

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2. Aladdin, Jasmine, & Abu

Source: Bored Panda

This is the cutest! The couple looks picture-perfect as Aladdin and Jasmine while their little boy looks cute and cheeky in his little monkey suit and hat.

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3. The McDonald’s Family

Source: Huffington Post

This family took their love for McDonald’s up a notch. We’re definitely lovin’ it, especially sleepy little ketchup.

4. The Avengers

Source: Costume Works

This family is going to save the world! We don’t know about you, but our favourite superhero is none other than little Thor. Oh, just look at his deadly stare.

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5. Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Source: Pinterest

Inspired by the classical story of “Goldilocks And The Three Bears”, this photo looks like it’s taken out of a fairy tale.

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6. Ghostbusters

Source: Orange County Register

If there’s something strange in you neighborhood. Who you gonna call?

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7. Pokemon

Source: Pinterest

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

This is probably the cutest Pikachu we’ve ever seen! But if your little one is not into the yellow mascot, there are tons of other Pokemons to choose from.

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8. The Monster Family

family halloween
Source: Woman’s Day

Scare all your neighbours away with this frightful this monster-themed costumes.

9. Despicable Me

family halloween
Source: Pinterest


This “Despicable Me”-inspired costumes are DIY-able and it won’t cost you a fortune to make it.

Check out Julie Olsen’s blog for the tutorial.

10. Dragon Ball

family halloween
Source: mom.me

From the spikey hair to the kid’s cute hat, this “Dragon Ball” family is spot on!

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