Easter Babies

THESE adorable pictures of newborn British babies are sure to make your heart melt this Easter.

The super cute springtime series shows some babies dressed up as bunny rabbits gripping onto carrots and others wrapped up in cosy swaddles with floral headdresses. One charming photograph shows a sleepy newborn snuggled up with two cuddly toys.

In another photograph, one baby is seen supporting its own head dressed as a stripy bee.

The stunning shots were taken by newborn photographer, Shellie Wall at her home studio in Yaxham, Norfolk. To take her pictures, Shellie used a Canon 1DX.

“I want my images to show newborns and all their newness, soft and classic babies in a way that’s like freezing time,” said Shellie.

“I don’t do many themed shoots but newborns dressed as bunnies, who could resist.

“I love newborn photography because you can’t fake it, it’s one hundred percent natural as you can’t make them do anything that they don’t want to.

“Newborn sessions ideally take place in the first two weeks after birth as this is when babies change so very quickly, having these sessions means you capture those early days forever.”

Shellie who has been recognised by The National Photographic Society and the Baby and Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS) says that patience is key in her line of work and says that it is important for the atmosphere to be relaxed.

“It’s about practice, time and patience, parents are well briefed before the session so everyone knows what’s going to happen and this makes for a calm and relaxed atmosphere,” she explained.

“Newborns can’t be made to do anything, it’s all about gentle encouragement.

“Generally, I don’t have problems in newborn sessions, I suppose the only set back is if a baby doesn’t settle straight way but they all have to sleep in the end.

“A message I want to make very clear is when you choose a newborn photographer please make sure they are fully insured and have had the