Unique Gender-Neutral Easter Baby Names

Whether you are religious or not, Easter is a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and spring. The easter egg is symbolic of new life and fertility. If you are expecting a baby around Easter, we’ve curated a list of gender-neutral names inspired by Easter one way or another.

These gender neutral sounding names can be re-appropriated for your baby regardless of gender as they are a combination of the masculine and feminine. The perks of giving your little one a gender-neutral baby name is to allow equal room for the baby to shape the name and the name to shape the baby.

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  1. Brooks

Traditionally used as a surname and scarcely known as a first name. A brook is a small stream. Brooks is believed to have been derived dwelling near a stream. It can be traced to it’s Swedish roots, where the name “Bäckland” meaning “bäck” translates into brook. The name also has roots in the English, Gaelic, and Scottish through the possessive case of brook, i.e. of the brook. Topographic names can be gender-neutral.

Brooks has a casual and cheerful ring to it. Meaning-wise, a child named after a stream is fluid and flows like water.

2. Arlo

Pronounced as AR-loh. Derived from Old English, where “har” (hare) or “ear” (eagle) is combined with “lo” which is topographic, meaning “mound”, “cairn”, “hill”. As such, Arlo can mean “eagle’s hill” or “hare’s clearing”.

Arlo is a majestic name. Destined for a child that commands space with ease.

3. Angel

An ancient Greek name, Angelos. In Greek mythology, Angelos was one of Hermes’ epithets and also the daughter of Zeus and Hera. It means “angel” or “messenger”.

An inhabitant of the sky! Your little one will always be elevated with this name.

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4. Bezai

Pronounced as bay-tsah-ee. Bezai is a biblical name originating in Hebrew. It means “conqueror”. Bezai was the head of a family that returned from the Babylonian captivity with Ezra.

Bezai is a strong name, but who says femininity can’t have strength and muscle. Either way, bay-tsah-ee has a unique dance-y ring to it. It will be a name that shines, puzzles, and mystifies.

5. Leif

Pronounced as l-ai-f or life. Leif is of Scandinavian origin, derived from the Old Norse name Leifr which means “heir” or “descendant”. The first letter of the name in runes is “laguz” or “laukr” which have special reference to the seas and lakes. A symbol of life.

Soft and masculine. The barer of this name will garner respect and popularity. She/he will grow up to inhabit the higher social status; that of an elder.

6. Arley

Pronounced as Ar-lee. With origins in Old English, Arley means “hare meadow” or “rock meadow”. On the other hand, in Hebrew, the name means “promise”.

Arley sounds light and sweet. The softest name compared to the other five above, yet still a gender-neutral baby name.

7. Pascal

Pronounced as Pahs-kall. Pascal originated from Latin and means “relating to Easter”. The Christian given name is from the meaning “one born on Easter day”.

A very symbolic name and we can’t think of a name that is more of a Easter baby name. This name should be taken as it is. No subtext, no hidden meanings.