Front side Carrier Review: Baby Bjorn Small

Front Carrier Review- Baby Bjorn Mini 3d jersey Web :   BabyBjorn. com

Price : $80 ,   $90 or  $100 , depending on the fabric.

Weight : seven to 24 lbs.

Front Carrier Review: Baby Bjorn Mini. Prolonged baby wearing has transformed the newborn carrier market, with more “all-in-one” companies offering to let parents bring baby from birth to middle school. Ok, that’s an exaggeration—but what if you just want a baby carrier to carry just… a baby?

Baby Bjorn decided to go old school using its newest carrier: The Baby Bjorn Small. This carrier  is just made for infants between 7 and 24 pounds. No infant insert or extravagant adjustments to fit 3 year old kiddos.

The Mini is available in “ 3D jersey ” (a thick quilted poly-cotton jersey), regular cotton woven fabric or their newest fabric: a softer breathable mesh . The price ranges from $80 to $100 so it’s quite a bit not more than a Bjorn One   (which runs $140 in order to $175). The Mini can carry your infant either facing in or dealing with out.

Front Carrier Review- Baby Bjorn Mini mesh

The mesh edition of the Baby Bjorn Mini. The 3D jersey is pictured above.

What does the Mini lack? It doesn’t have a waistline belt for back support. But that’s more relevant for companies designed to carry 25 lbs or more—which isn’t this carriers mojo. One the other hand, if you have back issues, that waist belt may be important even when carrying a lighter weight infant… and thus the Mini could be the wrong one for you.

The Mini also has fewer buckles and adjustments (a good thing).

So what do good of the Mini? We were surprised to see Baby Bjorn release a carrier to support only newborns and infants. Fashionable in the last few years has been to make companies that work with ever older children (some even up to four and five year olds! ).

But when we thought about it, we think the Mini is a good addition to the line. There are plenty of parents who want to carry their particular littlest babies to get the benefit of the skin-to-skin contact, but don’t wish to accomplish the extended toddler-wearing thing.. We get that. Our only extreme caution: if you have any back issues, deficiency of an additional support belt at the sides for parents can eliminate this carrier from your options. Rating: A- Content Source