Fatherhood: 5 Things That You Never Saw Coming

You’re a dad. It might take some time for that reality to set in, but you now have new life on your hands. New responsibilities, new pressures, and new expectations to live up to. With the realisation comes several surprises, those that you never expected from fatherhood.

Source: The Independent

1. Confusion

With fatherhood comes many confusing and conflicting emotions. On one hand, there’s the pride from creating new life, on the other, there’s the helplessness that comes when you don’t know your baby and wife’s needs.

2. Depression

With the feeling of helplessness might come the blues. Men are not free from postpartum depression too. Interrupted sleep, constant baby cries.. Everything will get on your nerves and soon, you’ll find yourself breaking.

3. Fear

This is almost a cycle. With confusion comes depression, with depression comes the fear. Of course, things could go the other way too. Nevertheless, you’ll be afraid that you won’t live up to expectations or you’ll be a bad father.

4. Your relationship with your significant other will change

With a baby in the equation, things will change. You will spend less time with each other, and even if you want to, date nights won’t come that easily anymore. You’ll even barely have time to talk as baby will take up all your time.

5. Interactions with baby

Envisioning heartwarming images of you holding baby in your arms and rocking him or her around? We hate to break this to you, but it’s more likely that baby will cry (A LOT) and make you second-guess your decision to be a dad.