10 Creative And Adorable Ideas For A Family Photo Shoot

Babies grow up really fast. They’ll start walking soon and before you know it, they’re already in their teens demanding for some privacy. And that’s why it’s always a good idea to snap plenty of photos before they outgrow their cute phase (not like your kids will ever stop being adorable to you, right?). To further immortalise those first few months of their birth, you can always opt for a photo shoot.

There are plenty of ideas out there and some of them are pretty rad. Here are those we loved:

1. Natural habitat

Source: And Then She Clicked

We don’t mean the forest.. or lakes. No, we mean your home. The place where you spent countless hours fussing over crying baby and worrying how best to pacify him or her. Get a photographer to snap photos of the family as you go around your daily routine.

2. Palms… or feet

Source: Yuk Le

An adorable way to remember how small baby’s feet used to be! Instead of feet, you could focus on the palms too.

3. Retro themed

Source: Imgur

It’s impossible for a retro-themed photo shoot to turn out bad, provided that you get a good photographer. However, there’s lots of dressing up and making up involved so you’ll have to spare time for that.

4. Profile

Source: Trilulilu

Another good way to remember how small baby was. It doesn’t have to be black and white like the example shown, utilise your creativity and go for something you’ll love.

5. Outdoors

Source: Liz Labianca Photography

Way to introduce baby to the wonderful nature! If you don’t stay anywhere near a picturesque area, don’t fret, the nearby park will suffice too!

6. Reflections

Source: Liz Labianca Photography

This is a creative spin to the usual photo shoot. Instead of depending on rainfall to take your reflection shoot, you can go to a nearby pond or river too. But of course, make sure that it’s a safe environment for baby.

7. Color-coordinated

Source: Pinterest

Now this is one photo shoot that you can do yourself. Dress the whole fam up in color-coordinated attire and set up a tripod and you’re good to go.

8. Superheroes

Source: Pinterest

A fan of superheroes? Dress your family up in superhero attire! You can go full on cosplay and buy (or make) your own elaborate costume, or just buy normal logo tees (like the one in the photo).

9. City

Source: Pinterest

Love your city too much? Bring baby for a day out and get ready for a fun photo shoot. Choose places where you have memories with your loved ones, like the place you had your first date or the place you first bumped into each other. Now, that’s a good way to combine the new and old memories.

10. Harry Potter

Source: @alexandriaslens

This is one of our absolute favourites – it’s just the right amount of whimsical and magical. But we understand that it cost money (a lot of it) to dress up like that and to find a photographer that can do a good job editing the photos. For something simpler, you can just dress baby up as a mandrake and stick him or her into a pot (not literally of course).