8 Videos To Help You Exercise With Your Baby

Admit it, being a new parent is tougher than you thought. You’re probably sleep deprived and too busy to find the time to exercise.

But here’s the thing – exercising is really crucial to your mental and physical health. Experts say that regular exercise can ease the symptoms of postnatal depression. It can also help control stress and increase your energy levels.

As a new parent, going to the gym or attending a fitness class is not ideal as you may not want to leave your baby’s side. So why not stay home and exercise with your baby?

Working out with your baby is also a great way to bond with your little love. Besides that, exercise is beneficial to your baby too! By exercising, you can help your baby to develop muscular strength and motor skills.

There are plenty of fun parent-and-baby exercise routines you can do with your little one at home. Here are awesome workout videos to follow:

1. BodyFit By Amy

BodyFit by Amy was created by Los Angeles-based certified personal trainer/fitness instructor Amy Kiser Schemper. This 18 Minute workout features gentle exercises you can safely do with your baby and works the whole body. Moreover, you can check out her Post Natal Workout series here.

2. CARiFiT by BeFiT

CARiFiT wants want all mothers and babies to be happier, stronger, and closer. This video is a revolutionary 20 minute baby-wearing workout routine that uses a special series of low impact body weight resistance exercises to burn fat, build strength, and activate the core. Furthermore, the moves are created by master trainer and creator Vern Hill.

3. Jen Porsche’s Mommy Workout by MoveTube Network

If you’re finding something short and sweet, this 10-minute video by Jen Porsche is perfect for you. The video shows moves that helps tone your arms, tighten and flatten that stomach all while playing with your baby.

4. Mommy and Baby Pilates Workout by Drea Wheeler


All you need is a yoga mat and your baby.

This short video by Montreal Fitness Expert and celebrity trainer Drea Wheeler is easy-to-follow, fun, and effective. From squats to lunges, Drea’s routine will definitely make you feel the burn in your core.

5. Baby and Me Interval Workout by Nancy Taylor

Nancy Taylor’s fun and effective routine is suitable for all fitness levels and it is perfect for you and your baby. In addition, check out her VIPKID series for more parenting and baby tips!

6. 5 Ab Exercises To Do With Your Baby by DadLabs

Get a great productive core workout with Daddy Danny and Baby Declan! You can use the weight of your baby for some of these ab exercises to add resistance or support.

7. Exercise With Baby by Parents

Created by personal trainer Kristin McGee, this videos focuses on your lower body. It features ballet-inspired moves and squats for your legs and butt. Aside from this video, Kristin has also made a parent-and-baby workout routine that helps build your core strength.

8. Mommy and Baby Workout by Phyl London

Phy London is the winner of Season II Fit or Flop, “America’s Next Best Fitness Star”. As the creator of Bodiphy, a full-body workout that increases body awareness and strengthens from the inside out, she has created a fun video for all parents and their babies.

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