5 Creative Ways To Record Your Baby’s Milestones

This week is all about your baby’s milestones.

We covered unconventional firsts in our last article. This time, we’ll be talking about creative ways to record those memories.

Instead of the usual scrap book/notebook, here are some ways to preserve those precious moments:

1. Voice recording

While writing requires extreme concentration, you can choose to be more relaxed with a voice recording. It is also easier to capture thoughts as they form, as you don’t have to filter it through your mind. Another good thing about voice recording is that you can record your baby’s noises. Babbling, laughing, crying, singing – anything will do.

2. Photobooks

Source: Etsy

Take photos of all your baby’s milestones. Instead of printing the photos and pasting it on a scrapbook, opt for a photo book instead. It will be in high quality and will not fall apart that easily. This means that you’ll be able to look back at those good times with your kid in the future.

3. Videos

With cameras being an integral part of smartphones, recording videos are as easy as ABC. Whenever it feels like your baby will be doing something notable, whip out your smartphone and start recording it. Even if they end up not doing anything noteworthy, the video will still record another precious moment.

4. Write letters

Source: From Dahlias to Doxies

This is a spin-off of the journal method. Instead of recording down moments as they are, direct it as letters to your kid. Tell them how these milestones make you feel, and describe in detail the moments. Bind them all together and you have a notebook full of letters for your child to read.

5. Incorporate a hashtag

Social media is such a prevalent part of life now. If you’re an active social media user, why not start an original hashtag to record your baby’s moments? This way, friends and family who have videos or photos of your baby can jump on that hashtag too!