The Christmas Series: Baby Journals For New Parents

We’ve mentioned baby journals a few times, and that’s because we absolutely adore the idea of recording every single thing about baby. With the journal, you’ll be able to look back fondly upon those memories and you will be able to tell stories to your kid too!

This Christmas, if you’re looking for presents for new moms or dads, why not go for a journal?

1. The Baby Book

This baby book by Sugar Paper has everything you need. From envelopes for loose keepsakes, a place for “A letter to my baby”, month to month milestones, “The way we told everyone you were coming”, and “Things I don’t want to forget”, the book will make sure mom and dad won’t run out of things to write. It comes in two colours, pale pink and chambray.

Available for $85 here.

2. The Story of You

This interactive photo journal for baby’s first year and beyond will encourage parents to create new and meaningful habits as they document their child’s life. Each book comes with a pen as well as adhesive for securing those photos.

Available for $99 here.

3. The Story of You

Similarly titled as number 2, this memory will record baby’s journey from when they were born until they reach age 5. There will be monthly pages for the first year and question prompts throughout. It comes in pink and blue.

Available for $62 here.

4. Passion Journal: Baby Journal

Simply titled baby journal, the handy guide comes with a box to safe keep it. There are 6 separate sections to help parents better collect their thoughts: Nine Months to Go, B-Day, Special Moments, Health & Care, Notes, and Addresses. Every section is structured to guide your notes and comes with blank space for parents to record events however they want to.

Available for $35 here.

5. First Memories: Hello World

With sections for monthly milestones and first moments, we’re pretty sure moms and dads won’t find it a chore to record their favourite memories of baby in this journal. It comes in a beautiful hardcover box, with sweet illustrations and foil typography too.

Available for $30 here.