The Christmas Series: Gift Ideas For New Moms

With Christmas coming up, everyone’s probably clamoring to think of the right present to gift those close to you. That’s why we’ve come up with ‘The Christmas Series’, a series of articles providing gift ideas for moms, dads and babies too!

To start off, we’ll go with the person who carries the heaviest burden: moms. If you’re reading this, it means that you’re looking for a present for a new or soon-to-be mom. Whether you’re buying it for your wife, your mother, your sister or your close friend, these presents will make the recipient happy:

1. Bath caddy

Source: Peg and Awl

This is for all the bookworm moms out there. Being a mom can be a full-time job and most of the time, they’ll need to give up what they love doing best – reading – as they just do not have enough time. Occasionally, they’ll take a long bath just to de-stress and this bath caddy is what mommy will need to complete that relax session.

2. Pajamas

Source: Shein

Not the usual frumpy-looking PJs. Get one that will make them feel luxurious and classy. This will make them take their mind of taking care of baby for a ‘lil while. Of course, get one that’s comfortable and functional. A nice set will cost a bit of money but it’s all worth it.

3. Wine

Source: Pinterest

After months of carrying baby, it’s time for mom to unwind. If mom is an alcohol lover, it must have been torture to not drink for 9 months. To celebrate the momentous achievement, why not get them something they’ll love?

4. Scented Candles

Source: Amazon UK

There’s nothing more relaxing than lighting a scented candle and settling in for a sleepless night after a long day of caring for baby. Alternatively, reed diffusers can work too.

5. Scrapbook/Baby journal

Source: My Memory Books

Get a nice scrapbook or baby journal for mom. We guarantee that it will be well-appreciated through the years.

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