The Christmas Series: Presents For New Dads

Dads are oftentimes neglected in the baby-caring journey. The attention goes to mom most of the time (which is well deserved, because carrying a baby for 9 months isn’t an easy thing at all), but dads deserve some love too! If you’re scratching your head wondering what present to get for a new dad this Christmas, we’ll help 🙂

1. Special journal

Source: Write to Me

Moms are usually the ones who fill the milestone and memory books. Why not get one specialised for dad? Dads have their own set of special memories to keep, but most of the time, they are not expressive enough. Get a journal or notebook that has prompts and questions, so it’ll give dad an idea of what to write. For example, this or this.

2. Matching clothes

Who says only mom and baby can get matching clothes? We’re sure dad would want to flaunt his love for baby when he’s out 😉

3. ‘The dad bag’

Source: @citibabies

There’s the baby bag – a necessity for any baby parent out there. With baby comes a huge load of things you have to bring along wherever you go – nappies, pacifiers, baby wipes, you know the drill. Get dad a man bag so he can look cool when he’s out there doing daddy duty.

4. Cuff links

This is perfect for dads who often wear business attires. It isn’t too showy but is just the perfect amount to show how much he loves baby.