Budgeting For Baby: Short-Term Spending

There’s plenty to worry about when you’ve got a baby on the way. Sleepless nights, endless worrying and just feeling tired all the time. Add finance to the list and you’ve got a recipe for everything to go wrong. Having a baby is expensive. There is a lot to consider, from diapers to child insurance to medical fees.┬áIf you’re not financially stable, giving birth to a baby isn’t a good idea at all. Best that you start that budgeting.

Here are some things you will need to prepare for:

1. Furniture

Source: Furniture – Babyography

Baby won’t be able to fit into the same bed as you. They need their special crib/cot. Speaking of that, they will need a bath tub too! Not the one that you soak in, because that’s too big for them. These are only some of the examples. The list of things that you need to buy in preparation for baby is endless.

2. Clothing

We’ll add nappies to this one. Let us break the bad news to you: nappies cost the most. Even more than clothing or toys or furniture, because you will finish those nappies at a very short amount of time. Babies grow really fast too, so you’ll have to constantly buy new clothes for them. Yes, don’t forget footwear. They’ll need comfortable ones so that it won’t stunt their growth.

3. Toys

Toys to keep them occupied and to help encourage their growth. Toys have proven to be important when a baby is growing, so you won’t want to deprive them of something this crucial.

4. Food

Mostly just formula. If you breastfeed, all the better for you. But you’ll need to buy breastpumps too.

5. Others

Things like their strollers, infant car seats…

And all these are just the short-term spending. Check out our long-term spending list.