20 Buddhist Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

There are some really beautiful Buddhist names out there, but not many use them as they are not as well-known as biblical names. If you’re a Buddhist and are struggling to think up of a name for your baby girl, we’re here to help you.

Source: Family Education

Here are some suggestions and their meanings:

1. Mayuree

Meaning: From Indian origins, meaning ‘beautiful’.

2. Mika

Meaning: Of Japanese origins, meaning ‘beautiful’, ‘wisdom’, and ‘intellect’.

3. Genji

Meaning: As valuable as Gold.

4. Mariko

Meaning: ‘Real’, ‘genuine’, and ‘original’.

5. Hoshi

Meaning: ‘Star’, ‘unique’, ‘bright’, or ‘shining’.

6. Karma

Meaning: In contrary to the popular meaning, it can mean ‘action’ or doing’ in the Buddhist context.

7. Nima

Meaning: ‘Sun’.

8. Jayanthi

Meaning: ‘Experiencing joy’ or ‘rejoicing for victory’.

9. Gotami

Meaning: Buddha’s step-mother and maternal aunt.

10. Kisa

Meaning: One of Buddha’s disciple who attained first stage of Arhatship.

11. Kathina

Meaning: A Buddhist festival.

12. Lotus

Meaning: An important Buddhist icon.

13. Nirvana

Meaning: ‘The imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion and delusion have been finally extinguished’.

14. Samsara

Meaning: The circle of life.

15. Khema

Meaning: One of the two chief female disciples of Buddha.

16. Hayma

Meaning: ‘Forest’.

17. Mae

Meaning: Honorable mother.

18. Myia

Meaning: Emerald

19. Pali

Meaning: Language in which Buddhist text was written.

20. Tenzin

Meaning: Protector of Dharma.