20 Buddhist Baby Boy Names & Their Meanings

Naming your baby can be a struggle, especially if you are opting for a Buddhist names. While Christian names are hugely popular, Buddhist names not so.

To kick start your search for a perfect baby boy name, here are some suggestions.

Source: Cafe Mom

1. Tao

Meaning: From the Chinese word ‘道’, it can mean ‘way’, ‘path’, and ‘route’.

2. Siddhartha

Meaning: The birth name of the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha.

3. Ananda

Meaning: One of Buddha’s ten principal disciples. Also means bliss or divine joy.

4. Yuuta

Meaning: From Japanese origins, carries the meaning of ‘easygoing’ and ‘gentleness’.

5. Shiro

Meaning: Meaning ‘four’, this name originates from Japan.

6. Jikai

Meaning: ‘The sea of sympathy’ or ‘he who loves to take care of everyone’.

7. Bodhi

Meaning: A Sanskrit name which means ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’.

8. Jiho

Meaning: ‘Philanthropist’.

9. Gautham

Meaning: Another version of Buddha’s name.

10. Dharma

Meaning: A term for the understanding of the laws of nature and how they apply to the human condition.

11. Zen

Meaning: ‘Calmness’ and ‘tranquility’.

12. Nanda

Meaning: Buddha’s half-brother.

13. Sona

Meaning: Buddha’s younger brother.

14. Genkei

Meaning: ‘The one who deserves honour and integrity’.

15. Jin

Meaning: Chinese-originated name, carries the meaning of ‘gold’ or ‘metal’.

16. Keisho

Meaning: ‘He who promotes wisdom’.

17. Nyan

Meaning: ‘Wisdom’.

18. Tae

Meaning: One who is great person.

19. Tohru

Meaning: A transparent person.

20. Tsukiya

Meaning: Resembling the white moon.