Breathlessness During Pregnancy & Ways To Ease It

Do you feel like you can’t get enough air? As you progress into the later stage of pregnancy, you may start to feel winded even after minimal amounts of physical exertion. According to Ask Dr. Sears, shortness of breath during pregnancy increases in both frequency and intensity during the third trimester as your expanding uterus limits the ability of your lungs to expand with each breath.

Though there is no way that you can completely relieve this common pregnancy symptom, there are some things you can do to help ease it a little bit. However, if you’re feeling constantly breathless, it’s better to talk to your doctor. Breathlessness can sometimes be caused by anemia or asthma.


Here’s how you can ease shortness of breathe during pregnancy.

1. Practice good posture

Make sure that you stand up straight with your shoulders back and your head lifted. Visualize a straight line connecting your sternum toward the sky to lift your chest. As soon as you feel breathless move to a position that helps you breathe easier.

2. Breathing exercise

Breathing exercises can raise your rib cage and promote more chest breathing. You can try prenatal yoga. Breathing exercises that are taught during yoga classes may help you control your breathing better. Yoga is a gentle exercise that will also keep you fit.

3. Exercise regularly

Aerobic exercise, began early in your pregnancy, improves the efficiency of both the respiratory and circulatory systems. It improves your breathing and lowers your pulse. Make sure you seek your doctor’s approval before you take part in any program.

Whatever form of exercise you choose, don’t overdo it! Listen to your body, stop immediately if you experience any uncomfortness.

4. Relax

While that’s easy to say than done, it’s very true. The more anxious you become about shallow breathing, the shallower your breathing will become. It’s also important to rest whenever you need to rest.

5. Extra pillows

If breathlessness is bothering you during your sleep, prop yourself up with more pillows.

6. Eat healthy

Being overweight can worsen shortness of breathe during pregnancy. So maintain a healthy and balanced diet to keep a healthy pregnancy weight.


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