This Botanical Maternity Photo Shoot Is Absolutely Gorgeous!

Wow. We’re mind blown by this whimsical maternity photo shoot!

French photographer and urban gardener Christophe Guinet, also known as Monsieur Plant on Instagram, documented his wife Yeva’s pregnancy through a series of stunning botanical-themed maternity shoots. He captured the beauty of motherhood and nature by adorning his expectant partner with hundreds of colorful flowers and leaves.

Titled “Léon” (which is the name of their son), the Paris-born artist started the project when Yeva was 32 weeks along and continued until she was 36 weeks.

See some of the photos from the shoot below:

“The work of a lifetime! In this personal project, I wish to sublimate these weeks of patience and put the beauty of the woman in these magical moments, where Nature and Love make perfect allies,” Guinet wrote about the project on Vimeo.

He continued, “The selection of landscapes found in the series such as the forest, the mountains or the sea are elements that form part of my surroundings. The vegetable and body compositions merge together revealing gentleness and patience in a poetic universe.”

You can watch the magical video here:

Known for combining plants and man-made materials, Christophe’s other magnificent nature-themed projects include a batman costume completely made out of bark, as well as a collection of plant-inspired Nike shoes.

To see more of his works, follow Christophe on Instagram or visit his website.