How To Help Your Baby Pass Gas

Passing gas is a comfort that we’ve grown to live with, but did you know that some babies have difficulty doing it?

If you suspect your baby keeps squirming and pulling up her legs, it might be a sign that he or she has gas that refuses to pass.

Source: Deskgram

Here are some easy steps to help ease the gas out:

1. Place your baby on a flat surface, belly down.

2. Lift he or she up slightly on her stomach, gently massaging the belly.

3. Alternatively, place your baby on their back and try moving her legs and hips around as if they were riding a bike.

These motions will oftentimes break up the bubbles and give gas that little extra push it needs to work its way out. If it doesn’t work, try a nice and warm bath.

If your baby still looks unhappy, consult your pediatrician about gas drops. Another option is to consider what might be causing the discomfort and see if you can reduce the bubble intake.

Source: Parents.