40 Baby Names That Are Banned In Malaysia

As you may or may not know, the National Registration Department of Malaysia actually has a list of banned baby names. In a report published by the BBC in 2006, the Malaysian authorities published the list to prevent parents giving their children outrageous names such as Chow Kow (smelly dog) or Zaniah (female adulterer).

According to The CanLaw Report, the list came as a response to the growing number of Malaysians who are applying to change their birth names. The website also adds that the intention is really to protect children from getting teased or ridiculed when he or she grows up.

Source: Says Malaysia

Without further ado, here are some of the banned baby names (and its meanings) in Malaysia:

  1. Zaniah (female adulterer)
  2. Woti (sexual intercourse)
  3. Hitam (hitam)
  4. Putih (white)
  1. Karruppan (black fellow)
  2. Sivappi and Vellayan (fair)
  3. Pitchaikaran (beggar)
  4. Karrupusamy (black God)
  5. Periyannan (big brother)
  6. Pitchaikaran (begger)
  7. Ayavoo
  8. Mayandy
  9. Andyappan
  10. Etikkan
  11. Pitchayee
  1. Chow Kow (smelly dog)
  2. Sor Cai (insane, stupid)
  3. Kou Lou (tall guy, long legged)
  4. Tai Ngan (buffalo, big eyes)
  5. Soh Low (clumsy)
  6. Tai Yee (big ears)
  7. Ai Chai (midget, short legged)
  8. Chow Tow (smelly head)
  9. Kai Chai (little chicken)
Source: The Sun Daily
  1. Ah Chwar (snake)
  2. Ang Moh (red haired, often used to refer to white people)
  3. Heoy Kay (turkey)
  4. Hor Kianh (tiger cub)
  5. Khiow Koo (hunchback)
  6. Tok Sim (cruel heart)
  7. Tua Pooi (fatty)
  8. Tua Bug (big eyes)
  1. Ah Loo (donkey)
  2. Hwai Sze (naughty kid)
  3. Chang Chee (prostitute)
  4. Ho Sze (monkey)
  5. Sun Choo (wild boar)
  6. Tha Thaw (big head)
  7. Chue Sze (piglet)
  8. Sze Kwee (dead ghost)

Besides the above, parents are not allowed to name their child after animals, insects, fruits, vegetables, colours or Japanese car brands. Other names such as Hitler, 007, and Stalin are also prohibited.

Sources: The CanLaw Report, BBC News.