13 Baby Names Inspired By “Justice League”

“Justice League” is hands down, one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. The film follows the events of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and stars some of our all-time favorite actors. But soon after watching the latest DC film, “Justice League”, we can’t help but think of all the potential baby names the movie has!

Inspired by the characters and actors of the awesome film, here are 13 baby names your might want to bestow on you future little superhero:

1. Gal

Born in Petah Tikva, Israel, Gal Gadot (who plays Wonder Woman) is one strong chick! Her first name, Gal, means “wave” in Hebrew.

2. Barry 

In case you didn’t know, the actual name of The Flash in “Justice League” is Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller). In Gaelic, Barry means “spear”.

3. Bruce

Famously known as Batman (played by Ben Affleck), Bruce is a classic baby name that means “thick brush” or “from the brushwood thicket”. The name was made famous the Scottish king Robert the Bruce, who won Scotland‘s independence from England in the 14th century.

4. Arthur

Inspired by Aquaman aka Arthur Curry (played by Jason Momoa), Arthur is a strong name that means “bear” in Celtic.

Source: www.thaovu.com
5. Ray 

Ray Fisher is the actor who plays Cyborg aka Victor Stone in “Justice League”. In German, the gender neutral baby name holds the meaning “wise protector”.

6. Clark 

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely love Superman’s (played by Henry Cavill) human name – Clark Kent. Not only does it sound classy, but the English baby name also means “scribe”, “secretary”, “cleric”, “scholar”, or “clerk”.

7. Ezra

Ezra Miller (who plays The Flash) possesses a really cool gender neutral name. In Hebrew, it means “help” or “helper”.

8. Henry 

Acto Henry Cavill’s first name has a long pedigree as a royal name. So it’s no wonder why it means “estate ruler” in German.

9. Benjamin

Ben Affleck’s full name is actually Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt. Benjamin was one of the popular names in 2015 and the Hebrew baby name holds the meaning “son of the right hand”.

Source: Etsy

10. Mera

In “Justice League”, Mera (played by Amber Heard) is the love interest of Aquaman. The gorgeous baby name is a variation of Elmira and it means “noblewoman”. However, Mera means “princess” in Arabic.

11. Cy

While Cyborg may sound like a weird name to give your child, Cy serves as a unique and cool name. On top of that, it means “master” or “lord” in Greek!

12. Wayne

Mr. Wayne will see you now. You might not know this, but Wayne is an English occupational name that means “make of wagons”.

13. Diana 

When we first heard of the Diana, it was probably one of the most beautiful names ever made. If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince, know that the Old Indo-European name means “heavenly” and “divine”.