Baby Forums in Malaysia and Singapore

Are you looking for a breastfeeding support group? Do you have questions about pregnancy that you want to ask anonymously?

You can find a community of supportive moms through baby forums. If you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable about asking certain questions about your pregnancy, the internet is always a good first step.

We have compiled a list of baby forums in Malaysia and Singapore for your convenience. These forums are site-specific, thus contextualizing your needs. Though, at the end of the day, forums do not have to be localized. Feel free to explore outside of your region.


  1. Malaysia Baby Forum

Topics of discussion include general pregnancy, trying to conceive, gynecologists and obstetricians reviews, and confinement period.

2. Lowyat’s Pregnancy & Parenting Forum


The threads include “All About Pregnancy”, “Confinement Lady”, “Thread for Husband and Father”, “Babysitting Service Offered/ Babysitter Wanted”. You can find questions as specific as those about birth certificates and Down syndrome.

3. Malaysian Motherhood


This forum is more focused on pregnancy itself. They also have a support group for those trying after a loss and those dealing with issues of infertility.


  1. Singapore Motherhood

This is an active and well-organized forum. The threads include very tough questions titled “Matters Of The Heart”; there is no shame in your queries and troubles. This baby forum is also a meeting place for mothers and mothers-to-be. Moms from each year are given their own sections; a truly solidarity act!

2. MummySG Singapore Motherhood and Parenting Forum


Navigate through general pregnancy discussions, Singapore’s obstetricians and gynecologists with ease.¬†We like that Mummy SG have special groups that deal with breastfeeding, special needs children, overseas mummy, and single parents. It’s important not to be isolated, watch out for events, meet ups, and gatherings.

3. Baby Forum Singapore


Although without a mother’s socializing platform, this baby forum has a large focus on early parenting, including discussions about newborn care, pediatrician clinics, and child care centres.

4. Singapore Expats Forum for Moms-to-be and Moms


The topics here are not organized into categories, but simply listed. Here, you will find topics ranging from baby milk to sperm donor facilities.