9 Calcium-Rich Foods For Pregnancy Diet

Calcium intake during pregnancy is quite essential to ensure the skeletal development of the fetus. Your growing baby needs lots of calcium to build her bones, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy. If you don’t get enough calcium from the foods you eat, you will be at risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. Dairy products are the most significant source containing high in calcium. In case you are lactose intolerant, you can still get this all-important mineral from plenty of other foods.

1. Milk
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You can meet most of your daily calcium requirement with fortified soy, almond, hazelnut, coconut, or rice drinks. Check also that these beverages are fortified with both calcium and vitamin D, an essential vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium.

2. Cheese
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Most cheeses are excellent source of calcium. Parmesan has the most. You can munch a mozzarella stick with crackers, sprinkle Parmesan on your pasta, pour low-fat cheese sauce over steamed vegetables.

3. Yogurt
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Eating yogurt is one of the easiest ways to get calcium into your daily diet. Yogurt also loaded with folate and potassium, which are also pregnancy essentials. Greek yogurt typically has twice the protein of regular yogurt.

4. Oranges
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Oranges are another option you have which is rich in calcium. In case you are not a fan of dairy food products. Not only that, oranges are also rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C that can boost your immunity.

5. Tofu
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Tofu is one of the┬ásuper foods rich in calcium during pregnancy. It has gained it’s popularity charts among fitness enthusiasts. Tofu is rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Proteins, Iron, etc. which makes it a must-have while expecting.

6. Almond
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Of all the nuts, almonds are the highest in calcium. It serves as a good choice of on-the-go pregnancy snack.

7. Salmon
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Salmon is loaded with calcium, thanks to their edible bones. This oily fish also has an exceptionally good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart, brain and skin. It is crucial for your baby’s healthy development, and might even boost your mood.

8. Broccoli
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Broccoli can provide your body with a good dose of calcium during pregnancy. Broccoli is also rich in fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants which are necessary nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.

9. Bok Choy
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This green leafy vegetable is a member of the cabbage family. It is an integral part of Chinese cuisine. If you expecting mom out there is lactose intolerant, you have an alternative by adding this crunchy veggie to your pregnancy diet.


Source: What To Expect, Mom Junction.