8 Things To Include In Your Baby’s Time Capsule

Time capsules are a good way to memorialise your baby’s birth.

It’s a creative gift, and a personal one at that. But sometimes, you just get stuck thinking of what to include in that capsule. Fret not, we’re here to help.

Source: Not on the High Street

1. A personal note to your baby

It can be about how you feel about your baby’s birth, how the family celebrated it, or how your baby is growing up.

2. Photos

This can include photos of yourself with your baby bump, or photos of just your baby. Anything, really.

3. A copy of the newspaper

Published on the day of your baby’s birth so they know what the world is like on their birthday!

4. Magazines

Entertainment magazines, fashion magazines, health magazines… They all allow your kid an insight of the trends at the time they were born.

5. Currency

Because currencies do change. If they do, this will allow your child to reminiscent of a past they might not remember clearly.

6. Receipts

This will give your child an idea of the cost of living.

7. More photos.

Include any noteworthy photos of the family or friends with your baby. It’ll be a good walk down memory lane.

8. Music

Put the current top-charting songs in a USB and hope that USBs won’t be obsolete when your kid grows up!

In a time capsule, anything goes. Just remember to keep it safe and dry, else it defeats the purpose!