7 Sparkling Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower is an event all parents will remember for a long, long time. So if you’re looking for something glamorous and memorable, here are 7 sparkling baby shower ideas that will your guests talking:

Glittery cupcakes
Source: http://sweetlychicevents.com

Cupcakes are some of the prettiest treats for any party – and they are so easy to make! To make your own fancy decor (like the above), stick a paper cut-out on a wooden stick. Use glue and sprinkle it with glitter. Easy peasy lemon squeezy 😉

A shiny cake!
Source: Pinterest

Okay, these cakes are not going to be cheap! But if you wanna save some dough, you can try making it yourself with this YouTube tutorial.

Sparkly invitations
Source: http://sweetlychicevents.com

Invite your family and friends to your glamorous baby shower with gorgeous, shimmering invitation cards. They won’t be able to say no.

Macaroons that shimmer
Source: http://sweetlychicevents.com

Golden macaroons. Enough said!

Glamorous photo backdrop 
Source: Pinterest

Allow your guests to take gorgeous photos with this Instagram-worthy DIY backdrop!

Glitter filled balloons
Source: Pinterest

No party would be complete without balloons and glitter. Add some extra spark to your special event with glitter filled balloons.

 “Decorate your own onesie” booth
Source: Etsy

Although your little one has yet to arrive, let your guests design some cute little onesies for him or her to wear. All you need is some plain white onesies (preferably cotton, because your baby deserves it), fabric paint, and glitter.