8 Lovable Ways To Make Babies Laugh

Babies love to laugh and happy babies are just too adorable. Don’t you agree? There’s nothing quite as delightful as the sound of a baby’s laughterIt may take a while before your baby’s first giggle but learning the pattern on what will make babies laugh is a big step to knowing them better.

Can’t wait? And wonder how to make babies laugh? Here’s our choices of some brilliant triggers to get the giggles. Which one will crack your baby up?Ways to get your little cutie pie laughing from head to toe and let the giggle fun begins!

1. Peek-a-boo

A classic way that has had babies laughing for years – from as young as few months old. Hide behind your hands and your baby will love seeing you hide behind those hands knowing that you are about to reappear soon.Remove your hands and come out with a smile while saying ‘boo’.

Trust me, playing peek-a-boo will keep her entertained for hours.

Source: smosh.com
2. Rub-a-dub the nose

Rub your baby’s tiny nose gently with your nose. It will tickle your baby enough to laugh out loud. Do this over and over again may win you a chuckle.

Source: motherandbaby.co.uk
3. And it all falls ….. down

Babies love seeing little toy falling off your head. Try hold on to things on your head but pretend that you fail to keep it everytime. Say something like ‘oh no, I think it is going to …. all, fall, down’ just before the toy topple down. Your baby will love this and laugh everytime you do this trick.

4. Softly blow in the ears

Bring your mouth close to your baby’s ear and slowly breathe into it. Make sure you do so gently. Your baby will love the gush of wind that tickles his ear.

5. Munch up that neck

Your little bundle in front of you are just too adorable, why don’t you try some munching?

Pretend biting may be the trick to make your baby laugh out loud. You can gently nibble her neck, arm or leg.

Source: Pinterest

6. Belly raspberries

Tummy bubbles are a childhood favorite. Whether you call it blowing raspberries or a Zrbtt, blowing against babies’ skin is often utterly hilarious to them. Blowing raspberries on her tummy or the soles of her feet is a giggle-trigger that makes her laugh.

Source: motherandbaby.co.uk
7. Make funny sounds

Whether it’s a silly nonsense noises or imitations of favorite characters, your baby will somehow recognize that you don’t sound like you. . . and that’s funny to them! Babies often laugh at something as simple as tearing a piece of paper or unraveling sellotape. Blow your nose as loud as you can. Oink like a pig. Talk like Elmo!

8.Chasing games
When your baby is crawling, chase around after her on your hands and knees trying to “catch” her and this may also inspire some laughter.


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