8 Handmade Baby Boy Formal Wear

It’s your baby boy’s first formal occasion and you want him to steal the show. Well, maybe not steal the show, but you want him to look good. Not only that, it’s your first time dressing up your baby, so you want to do it right.¬†We’re excited for you and your baby and we’ve happily compiled a list of 8 handmade baby boy formal wear:

1. Handmade Baby Boy’s Suspender Suit

Source: etsy.com

We think it’s nice to gift your baby a handmade suit as his first suit. The important thing is that it is made with soft linen. Furthermore, it comes in a nice light blue, which always stands out.

Get the Handmade Baby Boy’s Supender Suit at Etsy for $72.15

2. Baby Boy Black Suspenders Suit

Source: etsy.com

You really can’t go wrong with a traditional black suspenders suit. Most importantly, this suit is handmade with linen. Thus, it is of good quality and extremely comfortable.

Get the Baby Boy Black Suspenders Suit at Etsy for $85.00+

3. Khaki Linen Suit

Source: etsy.com

This is how your baby will look smart and cute at the same time! We like that you get the whole package with this purchase. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about your baby’s comfort as the onesie is made with stretch cotton and the tan shortalls is made with linen.

Get the Khaki Linen Suit at Etsy for $79.00+

4. Faux Vest Bodysuit

Source: etsy.com

If your baby doesn’t like pants and you can’t be bothered either, this is a good option. Only babies can get away with a faux vest bodysuit. Besides, it’s really cute this way. We like that you can also put this on your baby any time to brighten up anyone’s mood.

Get the Faux vest bodysuit at Etsy for $23

5. Seersucker Waistcoat and Shorts

Source: etsy.com

Let’s be real, you can never go wrong with a seersucker suit. Moreover, the waistcoat is lined. On top of that, this is absolutely one of a kind!

Get the Seersucker Waistcoat and Shorts at Etsy for $26.09

6. Handmade Reversible Vest

Source: etsy.com
Source: etsy.com
Source: etsy.com
Source: etsy.com

Isn’t this extremely fashionable? On one side, you have a beautiful thick floral print, while on the other side, you have a barbershop/steampunk fun print. On top of that, it comes with pearl snaps! We really think your baby will stand out with this handmade baby boy formal wear.

Get the Handmade Reversible Vest at Etsy for $35

7. Velvet Waistcoat

Source: etsy.com

We just had to add a velvet waistcoat to our favorite handmade baby boy formal wear collection. This rich purple velvet waistcoat with viscose lining and back is pure vintage royalty.

Get the Velvet Waistcoat at Etsy for $11.63

8. Paisley Cotton Front Waistcoat

Source: etsy.com

Who says you can’t have a little fun dressing up for a formal occasion? This is our favorite handmade baby boy formal wear. Its pattern is fun and the color will look good on any skin color.

Get the Paisley Cotton Front Waistcoat at Etsy for $10.18+

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