8 Clever Ways To Get Your Kids To Take Medicine

When your children are sick and you need to give medicine to your kids. What if the “Here comes the airplane” tactic fails to work. You will need to find alternate ways to get them to take the medicine.

Here are some ways around the medicine issue.

1. Bypass the taste buds

The reason why it is difficult to give medicine to your kids is because they tend to spit out bitter-tasting medicines. To overcome this, some parents will use syringes and droppers. This is so that you can squirt the medicine along the inside of your kid’s cheeks and keep it off the tongue.

Source: aubreypharmacy.com
2. Give kids some control

If your kids are old enough to understand, explain patiently to them as to why they need to take medicine. If there is a choice of flavors for the medicine, let them choose the one they like.


3. Play the doctor game

If your kids like to play pretend try the doctor game. Let them pretend to give their stuffed toys medicine before she takes hers. This will ease the process with taking medicine for your kid.

Source: delsym.com
4. Medicate while they are sleeping

If you have a sound sleeper, this is worth trying. Drop a small amount of medication into her  mouth while she’s peacefully sleeping . Be sure to watch it over the course of 5 minutes or so to ensure she doesn’t choke.

5. Hide it!

If you’re lucky enough to have a kid who can be bribed with things like chocolate pudding, chocolate sauce, strawberry milk, etc., slip the medicine inside. And there you go to have the medicine down.


6. Give a visual reward

When your kids are old enough, they will often respond to a reward system. Other than verbal praise, give them a sticker and put it on a calendar every time after they take the medicine. They will feel rewarded and also able to observe their own progress visually along the way. Until they complete the cycle, give them a real reward to encourage them.


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