7 Ways To Baby Proof Your House

Baby-proofing your home is essential to keeping your baby safe. Nobody should put a baby in a dangerous corner. Unfortunately, living room, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace – every corner of your house poses a threat to your baby. Babies and toddlers may go to corners of your house you didn’t think possible.

No one is more curious than babies, so it it important to make sure your home is safe and sound for your little ones with constant supervision. Take a safety measure to childproofing your home to keep your baby safe at home.

1. Watch for falling furniture

Don’t place furniture near windows. Securing furniture like bookshelves and heavy furniture to walls to prevent them from tipping when curious babies try to climb on it. Check also your doorstops for removable caps that may pose choking hazard to your babies.

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2. Install safety gates

Use safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases and in the doorways of rooms with hazards.

Source: Babysafehomes.com
3. Keeping dangerous items out of reach of your babies

Install safety latches on all cabinets and drawers to keep babies and toddlers from potentially poisonous household products. Store medicines in their original containers and keep it inside the drawers. Do not leave it on the table after use.

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4. Secure all windows

Keep climbable furniture away from windows so your babies aren’t tempted to explore. Do not keep your baby crib near the window. Try to choose to have the opening at the top, as a double protection against accidents.

5. Baby proof In the kitchen

Keep cleaning supplies in a high cabinet rather than under the sink. If it has to be put under the sink, make sure to use a child-proof lock on the cabinet door.

Do not leave mouse traps or insect traps in places where your baby can find them.

6. Soften the sharp edges

When your baby start learning to walk they often to try pull themselves up on the furniture. Using removable corner cushions can help to prevent injuries from furniture edges.

Source: Parentsneed.com
7. Replace all sockets with childproof sockets

Curious babies love putting objects into electrical outlets. Especially when they see you plugging something in they will want to follow your steps. But this is very dangerous. If you baby put something into the outlet, they are at serious rick for an electrical shock. So be sure to replace all sockets with childproof sockets.

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