7 Tips For Freezing Homemade Baby Food

When your little one is finally ready for solid foods, you will be so excited and all you want to do is to give her the best kind of baby food. This means that you will have to prepare your own baby food since they are higher in nutrients and also taste better. Freezing and defrosting homemade baby food is a great option especially for busy mommas.

According to Wholesome Baby Food, it is recommended that freshly pureed homemade baby food to be stored no longer than 48 hours in the refrigerator. This time limit ensures that the possibility of bacteria growth in the puree is kept at a minimum.

Here are 7 tips on how to freeze, thaw and reheat baby food.

1. Freeze in a cube tray
Source: livingandloving.co.za
Put the pureed baby food you prepared in the cube tray before putting it in the freezer. Cover them with proper freezing bags. It is easier to estimate the amount of food that your baby consumes.
2. Label the bag
Source: intelligentmother.com
If you use a freezer bag to store the food, remember to label the bag with the date of preparation as well as the type of food. You don’t wanna waste time guessing what was in that bag.
3. Thaw in the refrigerator

Simply take the food out from the freezer and into the refrigerator until it is thawed out. This method allows the food thaws out very slowly in order to maintain the nutrients.

4. Thaw in cold water

Put the frozen food inside a watertight bag and then submerge under cold water. Make sure that you do not use hot water it may encourage the growth of bacteria on the outer layer.

5. Thaw with microwave
When it is time to feed your baby, simply take out the number of food cubes needed and put it in the microwave. Make sure to use microwaves that have the defrost settings to thaw frozen baby foods.
Source: babble.com
6. Heat it up before feeding your baby
Once the food has thawed out, you need to heat it before you feed it to your baby. You need to heat baby food to at least 60° to 100° C.
7. Do not refreeze

After heating baby food, feed your baby within two hours after sitting at room temperatures. Leftovers should not be stored again or refreeze as they can easily lead to food poisoning due to contamination.


Sources: Intelligent Mother, Wholesome Baby Food, Living and Loving.