7 Effective Tooth-Brushing Tips For Toddlers

Cleaning your toddler’s teeth is going to be your routine task as a parent and it was never an easy one. Tooth-brushing is not always an enjoyable activity for most toddles. You often need to wrestle with your kids in order to get this task done.

Try our picks on effective ways to make too-brushing a more enjoyable time for your kids and in turn encourage them to have a better dental habits.

1. Brush together and set good example

Brush your teeth the same time as the kids. Be a good role model to your kids and brush your teeth in front of them everyday. It is going to be helpful because your little ones can watch how you do it, the proper way to move the toothbrush and mimic it.

It is not a bad idea to get the whole family involved, too.

2. Take turns

In order to make the brushing session more interesting, you can let your toddler brush yours and then you can brush theirs. Make it a team effort. This can help to stimulate them to pick up their toothpaste on their own every time.

Source: blog.honest.com
3. Use a fun (and effective) toothbrush

Let them choose their own toothbrush. A fun toothbrush will appear to be a fun an interactive toy to your kids. Once they like it, they will be more excited about brushing their teeth every night.

Source: theeyesofaboy.com


4. Make it fun

Use pretend play. Counting the teeth while brushing their teeth may work sometimes, too. Or sing a song. Or make it a contest to see who can race up to the bathroom and get their toothbrush the fastest and who can brush the longest.

Source: dentalonlouise.com.au

5. Choose the right toothpaste

Don’t let toothpaste get in the way. You can choose toothpaste that are themed to your kid’s favorite character or the flavors they like.

Kids are always delighted to see their favorite characters appearing on the outside of the toothpaste. In this case, they will look forward to using the toothpaste to brush their teeth, every day and night.

Source: blog.honest.com
6. Reward them

Create a chart for the year and every time your kid successfully completed a brushing session without fuss, give them a sticker to stick on the chart. If they successfully fill up a full month of the chart with stickers, reward them with an even bigger reward, like a toy he has also wanted.

This is to reward them for brushing well and encourage them to keep up with the good work.

7. Make it a routine

Make it a routine for your toddlers on tooth-brushing. Be consistent on the brushing session at least two times a day. One time should just be before bedtime.


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