7 Effective Tips For Dealing with Picky Eater

Do you have trouble getting your child to try vegetables or finish his lunch? One way to attract her to eat all group of food is to increase the fun factor. Try these simple ideas for making everyday meals easier.

1. Provide choices

When you are preparing food for your kids, give them choices.

“Eggs or a grilled cheese sandwich?”

“Pancakes or toast?”

Be careful with how you pair them. For example, if your goal is to get her to eat veggies, do not give her a choice between pancakes and peas. You know the trick right?

2. Make sure she is hungry

It is not a wise choice to get your child who isn’t hungry to eat something they don’t like. You can spread out your child’s snacks appropriately so she will be hungry when she sees those green beans on her dinner plate.

Source: merakilane.com
3. Offer something she likes

Worse case scenario is that you put a bunch of alien food in front of a picky eater. But you can always try mixing the combination, say 3 things on her favorite list and 2 that is not.

4. Get her involved in food preparation

When your child is old enough, you can get her to help you out in the kitchen while preparing the food. It may be dangerous or her to chop vegetables but she can help to wash the veggies. It seems that kids are more likely to eat food that they are involved in preparing.

Source: livestrong.com


5. Get creative – Try different settings

Kids love new things and they are willing to try new foods if you put them in a plate that is themed to the characters they like. If there is absolutely no way to get your id to eat certain food group, try hiding them in the food that she likes.

It’s worth a try!


6. Make meal time fun

One way to get your little picky eater to eat is to increase the fun factor over the dining table. Try to play some music in the kitchen and engage in as mush conversation as possible.

It may not always get those peas down her throat, but at least there’s a chance!

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7. Teach by example

Let your curious little one try the food on your plate. The more she sees you eating those foods she doesn’t like, the more chances that she will eat it when you put it on her plate the next time.


Sources: Meraki Lane, Parents