7 Cute Hairstyles For Little Girls

Little girls are just very young women, and beauty matters can’t be foreign to them, in spite of their tenderest age. Different cute buns, frisky pigtails, playful braids and natural-looking loose styles can be very ornate or rather multipurpose. Try our picks of hairstyles for your young fashionistas.

1. Same Side Dutch Braid
Source: lovethispic.com
  1. Start at the front right side of the head or left. Really, either side will do fine. It is just a matter of your personal preference), and begin Dutch braiding.
  2. Bring the right strands in normally for the Dutch Braid but bring the left strands over the top of the head to be included in the braid on the side.
  3. When you are at the base of the head, simply braid the rest of the hair into a regular side braid and tie off with a hairband.

 2. Princess Twist

Source: Parenting.com
  1. Part hair down the middle.
  2. Begin at the temple and divide out a small section of hair.
  3. Divide that section of hair into two pieces.
  4. Take those two pieces and cross the bottom piece over the top piece.
  5. Add hair into bottom piece and cross it over the top piece.
  6. Continue adding hair and crossing it.
  7. Stop once you reach the nape of the neck.
  8. Make a rope braid with the remaining hair and secure the end with an elastic.
  9. Repeat on the opposite side.
  10. Wind each rope braid up into a loose bun and secure with bobby pins as needed.
  11. Add a bow for a finishing touch.
3. The Flower Headband
Source: Parenting.com
  1. Pick wildflowers or use fake ones. The more colorful, the better!
  2. Stick them in a pre-measured, craft store hoop of floral wir.
  3. You can secure the flowers with thinner floral wire if you need to.
4. Messy Side Fishtail Braid
Source: Parenting.com
  1. Divide the hair into two large sections. Leave it messy for a relaxed look.
  2. Pull out a thin strand from the first section and pass it on to the second section, like cross stranding. The thinner your strand is, the better your fishtail is going to look.
  3. Pull out a thin strand from the second section and mix it with the first section, just how you did it before.
  4. Repeat the steps until you reach the very end.
5. Waterfall Twist
Source: Babble.com
  1. Begin on front, right side of the head and section out 1 large strand of hair that can serve as your base for the twist around the head.
  2. Divide this strand into 2 equal pieces, and begin by twisting them around each other one time.
  3. Now, take a new selected strand of hair and place it between your twisting strands, so that it literally falls through like in the Waterfall Braid.
  4. Twist the 2 original strands once more.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 all the way around the back of the head and towards the top of the left ear.
  6. For the last added-in section of hair on the left side, be sure to pull back into the strand about the same amount of hair you pulled initially to created the twisted strands… this will give a balanced look from the front.
  7. When you finish adding in your last twist, grab a bobby pin and sure-secure the end of the twist above the ear, making sure to hide the bobby pin as best as you can.
  8. Use hairspray (if desired) to help control flyaways.
6. Tied Mini Ponytails
Source: therightairstyles.com
  1. Tie each pair of mini ponytails together.
  2. Feed their end into the next pair to create a cute criss-crossed design.
  3. Finish with a braid or ponytail.
7. Up Side Down Braided Bun
Source: therightairstyles.com
  1. Make and upside down braid starting from the nape of the neck.
  2. When you reach the top of the head, secure the ends shaping a large, teased bun.

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